Basics SEO For WordPress

Basics SEO For WordPress

Creating a website is easy, but ranking it in Google is as difficult, but on some keywords, it becomes easy to rank the blog. But some who are new to blogging do not know this, it is easy to rank keywords but finding the keyword is as difficult as possible. But this is happening in Basic SEO due to which your blog is ranked fast. You have to take great care for it in Google. Your blog settings have to be changed. Today in this post we will know about those basic settings.

1.Responsive Design

Before starting the website, you have to put the most attention on the website’s Responsive. But when you create a new website, they all think about investing less money. And that’s right, but if you have to earn from the website then you must take a premium theme. The premium theme can help you rank your website early. You can also use the free theme but the free theme will speed up your website. Reduces your SEO problem.

2. Submit Site to Webmaster

You can use the Yoast SEO plugin for webmasters to submit your website to you to create a sitemap for your website. After creating a website, you have to submit your website to Google, Bing, Yandex, and many webmaster tools, and this is the most important step to rank your website. If your website is not indexed in Google, then your blog will not rank. You can search Google on the webmaster website.

3. Use SEO Plugins

Using plugins to rank and SEO website is very beneficial. There are many plugins for this but you have to use a good plugin. For this, I will suggest you 3 plugins

  • Yost SEO
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • The SEO Framework

These three plugins can help you a lot. It will help you write posts and optimize your blog.

4.Change  Permalink

Permalink is very helpful in ranking your post. If you use Default Permalink in WordPress then it is very wrong. You have to change permalink. To change permalink, click Settings> Permalink and select the post name and click on Save Changes.

5. Backlink

Everyone who is connected to blogging will know what a backlink is and who works it. Backlink was a link that allows us to add a website to another website. This creates a way to go from one website to another website. When a link to a Web Page is linked to another Web page link, then we call it Backlink. A backlink is a link through which visitors visit your website from other websites.

On Page SEO Techniques For Blogger

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