How To Create A Free Blog

How To Create A Free Blog

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to create a free blog. If you want to wish from blogging, you first have to buy hosting and domains.

There are many blogging platforms on the internet, where you can make your blog free. I would suggest that you do not create a free blog and create a blog with your domain name and web hosting
You can create blogs on by buying domains and hosting because WordPress.Org is easy to create blog or website.

You will know which professional bloggers are self-hosted WordPress blogs compared to free blogging platforms such as blogger and because the self-hosted blog is a great blogging platform compared to free blogs.

So, I will learn to make free blogs in this post and when you have the knowledge of blogging, then you can move to your blog self-hosted WordPress blog and become a professional blogger.

What is blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform that Google runs. blogger lets you create a free blog and website through this opportunity. | In this, creating a content management system allows the user to create a website or blog for free and earn some money from it.

How to Create A Free Blog Step by Step

To create a free blog you will first need an email which you will have. If you have an email account then you have to go to and

1. Click CREATE YOUR BLOG and sign in with your email account

2. After that, you have to set the display name and the continent has to click on the blogger.

how to create a free blog
3. After that, your half work has been completed and you click on the Create Blog.
4. You will open a window in which you have to place the title of your website instead of the title.

How To Create A Free Blog
5. You have to enter the name of your website in the address you want to make your website, this address will be from your website, which will come when you are searching on Google.
6. In the theme option, you have to select the theme and click on the Create Blog, your blog is ready.
Congratulations, your blog has been created, now you have to add a post in it. Let me tell you how to add a post.

How to create a blog post

To create a new post, you have to click on the post and click on the new post. There will be some such window in front of you, you can write your content and when

How To Create A Free Blog

traffic comes to your website, you can apply for Google Adsense and you Can Earn
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In this post, we learned how to create a free blog and if you need more advanced knowledge then you can take the free udemy course and create a free blog.

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